Sandra is an amazing trainer who is truly driven by her clients' progress. Her extreme passion for fitness is evident in her energy and ongoing commitment to helping you achieve your goals. 

When I began training with Sandra, I had hardly exercised a day in my life. I really wanted to look and feel my best for my wedding day. Plus, I had to lose a few inches in order to fit into the wedding dress that I had chosen. It ended up being too big after all! Sandra helped me to tighten/tone my body and build muscle so that my arms, back and shoulders were wedding dress ready in no time! Not to mention that on my honeymoon, I felt the best I've ever felt in a bikini! I'm happy to say that both my confidence and energy level have increased. I love the way my clothes also fit better now. 

The workouts were challenging at first, but as I continued to attend, I could feel myself getting stronger each session. The great thing about Sandra's workouts is that she modifies them to suit your individual fitness level and needs. They are also varied so that no two workouts are the same. My wedding was four months ago, and I'm still attending her workout sessions because I really enjoy them. They are a great stress reliever and confidence booster. My whole experience training wtih Sandra has been challenging, rewarding and empowering. Thanks for being such an awesome, motivating instructor!!


Sandra is truly an amazing trainer. She embodies the perfect combination of toughness, humour, encouragement, and motivation. She knows exactly what to say to get those last few reps out of you and get you to push just a little bit harder than you thought you could. Her passion and dedication to health and fitness are evident in the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Because of her I am stronger, healthier and  happier person and most importantly, she makes exercising fun. I would highly recommend her to anyone. 


I've been training with Sandra for four years now. All I can say is she is AMAZING at what she does! Not only did I get the results that I wanted but she has also taught me so much about fitness that I never knew about before. I truly feel a full body workout every time I have a training session. Sandra's energy and motivation keeps me going throughout the work outs. She motivates and encourages you on achieving your goals. Sandra has a passion for fitness and it truly shows. She shares all her knowledge and experiences to make sure that you are motivated to achieve your goals!!!