"The only thing more amazing than reaching my own goals and winning my own battles is watching and helping people do the same. Make no mistake, it is hard work, but it's well worth it!!"  
- Sandra Jean

About Sandra Jean

A fitness success story

I struggled with my weight since the age of 7. During my teenage years I experienced yo-yo dieting and weight fluctuation. 

While in university, I  weighed over 190 lbs and  stood at only 5'3". I had enough.

While studying for a degree  in Psychology and Sociology I reflected on my past and began to understand the psychology behind the extremities of my food addiction. 

This is when I decided to start my commitment of integrating a change in mind, lifestyle, fitness and eating.

My goal towards changing for the better drove me to obtain a full certification and license in personal training, aerobics, choreography, fitness and yoga instruction. 

Over the last ten years, I have learned a lot about fitness as well as understanding the reasons why people struggle with working out or the reasons they lose sight of their fitness commitments. I understand first hand the struggles of maintaining a healthy diet and routine exercise, but there is hope. 

I enjoy educating, motivating and helping my clients overcome their fitness fears and obstacles through my passion for fitness and health. 

My one-on-one and group sessions will keep you motivated and help you achieve your desired weight loss and fitness goals.